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“Anne’s best work in the series so far.” 

Roundup Magazine, Western Writers of America

“Despite the dangers they face, the three characters come through in traditional Hillerman style and live, we hope, to star in another Hillerman novel.”

The Denver Post

“Anne Hillerman strikes fire with Stargazer. She’s a star on her own.”


“Stargazer is a fast-paced mystery and an introduction to unknown aspects of the night sky. Spend a few winter evenings reading the book, then go out and look at the stars.”

Pasatiempo / Santa Fe New Mexican

“Hillerman’s atmospheric Stargazer, set in the beautiful and vast Southwest desert, is a well-plotted, character-driven crime drama steeped in Navajo Nation culture and traditions.”

Mystery Scene

  • Winner Best New Mexico Book

  • Co-Winner, Best Fiction Mystery Thriller

  • Winner Best Cover Design

2021 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards

Stargazer is here!

stargazer good cover.jpg

New York Times' bestselling author Anne Hillerman returns with a gripping new installment in the Leaphorn, Chee & Manuelito series. Murder, deception, and the stars collide in this complex and thrilling mystery. 


Officer Bernadette Manuelito is having a typical day—serving a bench warrant, dealing with cattle obstructing traffic and unexpectedly discovering an ugly crime scene—when she’s called to help find an old friend. Years ago, Bernie and the missing Maya were roommates, but Maya’s struggles with addiction pushed a wedge between them. 


When Maya’s brother calls, Bernie agrees to help. She’s shocked when her friend confesses to the murder of a prominent astronomer. As she looks more deeply into the case, Bernie’s investigation discovers that nothing is as it seems. What she uncovers reminds her of the Navajo star stories she heard as a child, and leads to a chilling confrontation with a calculating killer.

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