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Libraries, Bookclubs & More

Growing up as a member of the Hillerman family, Anne made countless visits to the local public library, especially in Albuquerque when she was in her teens. In fact, she spent so much of her time in the library that the librarians working there hired her to put books back on the shelf. She remembers working there with a special fondness and now she particularly enjoys giving talks for libraries throughout the United States.

On a recent trip to southern California, Anne gladly gave up one afternoon on the beach in exchange for visiting San Diego’s spectacular downtown library. She’s taken even greater pleasure in giving talks in libraries so rural and so small it seems she’s the only stranger in the room.


These days, it’s most practical for Anne to visit public libraries and talk to their book lovers by giving a talk online using Zoom or one of the other online meeting software platforms. If you’d like to have Anne give a talk at your library, email her at with all the details related to your request. Just don’t ask her to put any books back on the shelf – she’s out of practice.

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